LED Lighting

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • More lumens per watt (Brighter light) for same energy and cost
  • LED’s are more efficient than other types of lighting.
  • Reduced cost for same amount of light
  • Longer lasting and less maintenance
  • Design flexibility
  • High durability
  • High and low operational temperature


SMT LED Services:
Touchscreen LED

  • Complete turnkey fixtures with light engines
  • LED optics and enclosures
  • Prototypes
  • PCB layouts of LED circuits
  • PCB Power supplies
  • Heat sinks


Whether you are looking for energy savings, lighting efficiency, or increased performance from your products, SMT has the design expertise to meet your needs. Want to set yourself apart from standard lighting options? Let SMT integrate Motion or Photo sensors, DMX512 controls, and cloud based wireless connectivity to create intelligent lighting solutions. With the wide range of markets served- Commercial, Industrial or Consumer- SMT has a solution to keep you ahead of the competition.


See SMT’s white paper on LED material selection

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