SMT Receives Apple Mfi Development Certification

Posted on by Team SMT

Appleton, WI- SMT Engineering, a complete electronics design firm has entered into an MFi Development License agreement with Apple. This license agreement allows SMT Engineering to design and develop accessory products for the Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Along with membership in Apple’s iOS Developer Program, this agreement allows SMT Engineering to develop complete solutions for connecting customer products to the Apple platforms.

The decision to get this certification was based on current customer requests as well as anticipated demand. One of SMT’s Engineers remarked: “In addition to SMT’s current customers who are looking to integrate their products with Apple devices by developing accessories and applications, SMT believes many companies will be looking to make this advancement to their product offerings in the near future. In order to successfully complete development projects involving Apple products it is important to have the learned expertise and the proper technical information that comes with this certification.”

Besides access to technical information, the MFi program allows member companies to legally use the Apple logos on their product and packaging in order to indicate their compatibility with a wide variety of Apple products. SMT can also obtain sample products from certified Apple accessory producers to aid in developing products for customers.

“SMT Eng. is seeing a trend of companies wanting to use Apple technology to gain a competitive advantage for their products and make them easier to use” said Burneske. “Apple devices are not simply being used for entertainment purposes anymore but rather as necessary field equipment that can be used in almost any industry. This is driving the need for customer specific accessories as well as application development.”

SMT Eng. is focused on developing capabilities to keep pace with demanding customer requirements. This certification fits into a broader strategic category of wireless connectivity which SMT has integrated into sever designs to date. SMT Eng. has successfully completed projects with wireless communication over bluetooth, zigbee, and wifi networks gaining valuable learned knowledge that can be applied to virtually any industry or product.

To find out more information about SMT Eng. visit their website at SMT Engineering. For more information on the Apple MFi certification read here.

SMT Eng. is wholly owned by Surface Mount Technology Corporation (SMT). SMT is a complete electronics design and contract manufacturing company based out of Appleton, WI. SMT strives to provide support at all stages of the product life cycle from design through prototype, production, and higher level assembly. World class manufacturing, in combination with excellent customer service, make SMT a valuable partner in the manufacturing process.

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