SMT Introduces Proprietary S.M.A.R.T Test Platform

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Surface Mount Technology Corporation (SMT Corp.) an electronic product development and contract manufacturer located in Appleton, WI today announced the release of its proprietary test platform called the S.M.A.R.T. Platform which stands for Scalable Modular Automated Re-usable Test. This system offers a test solution for low to mid volume PCB assemblies without the high tooling costs.

As a low volume, high mix contract manufacturer of complex electronic assemblies for markets that require high quality and reliability, Surface Mount Technology Corp. created this test alternative from customers to provide them a solution for test at a lower price point. Since Automated Test Equipment
(ATE) fixtures are typically custom to each assembly they are expensive, and don’t often fit for lower volume boards. The SMART platform provides the testing that our customers require at a price that fits their volume.

The SMART platform consists of a set of standard, USB based platform, with instrumentation, as well as software for automated test development software package. To develop a test for any assembly, a low cost fixture is developed from a standard fixture kit that interfaces to the SMART platform through a standard set of connectors. The platform provides probing to the unit under test and connectivity to the instruments in the SMART Platform.
A test program is created using software that provides a very efficient test development environment, with libraries for standard tests, user interface development, report generation, troubleshooting and fixture maintenance, and interfacing to data collection facilities for statistical process control.

The SMART platform is one more tool in our tool suite for providing high quality electronic manufacturing services. Surface Mount Technology Corp. also uses Genrad in-circuit test (ICT), automated optical inspection (AOI), 5D X-ray, and fully custom ATE for testing electronic assemblies. Surface Mount Technology Corp. works with customers to develop the lowest cost, highest coverage test strategy for their unique products. The SMART platform gives Surface Mount Technology Corp. the ability to provide a fully automated, fully custom test fixture to our customers at a low price point.
In addition, Surface Mount Technology Corp. can provide a duplicate test fixture and SMART plastform to the customer.

Surface Mount Technology Corp. is an ITAR contract electronics design and manufacturer that serves the Industrial Controls, Military (High Reliability), Medical and Automotive markets, by providing integrated electronic product development and manufacturing services and solutions to improve product time to market.

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