New Production Line

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Surface Mount Technology Corp. recently added a new SMT production line.  
Below are some of the new features:

State of the art equipment for high speed placement and large board production up to 25 inches long.

Each piece of equipment was selected for both accuracy and speed to support mid to high volume production for both LED and Standard/Complex assemblies.

The system was designed to support quick change over and provide greatest accuracy at full production speeds.

The pick and place machine / feeders / magazines / software were developed in partnership with a leading LED manufacturer for both accuracy and speed.  Standard and Custom programs/tools will support a wide range of LED production for large boards up to 25 inches long.

The pick and place machine will support running multiple days without change over or down time to optimize production efficiency and throughput.

The 12 zone oven is able to create robust profiles for large thermal mass boards and support any production line speed and materials such as FR4, Aluminum, Copper, Flex.

The new line also includes state-of-the-art inline Automated Optical Inspection (AOI).  The high resolution camera identifies solder or placement defects to support higher production capacity.


Production Line Copy

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