Engineering Project Manager

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Job Title: Engineering Project Manager


To successfully lead product development projects from initial customer contact through production introduction.  Will be responsible for defining the scope of work, performing, managing the project team, managing the customer relationship and at times performing design work within field of expertise. Must have a proven track record of electronic product development engineering experience, possess excellent customer relationship skills, be an excellent coach/mentor and have the ability to create and follow a disciplined engineering process.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Coordinates the activity of the project team and the customer to ensure customer satisfaction in regards to SMT performance, project deliverables, schedule and budget.
  2. Serve as the customer’s primary interface for the duration of the engineering project to assure all customer communication happens in a timely and effective manner.
  3. Maintains knowledge and understanding of the SMT product development procedures to ensure compliance with quality procedures and to assure customer satisfaction.
  4. Maintains knowledge and understanding of project contracts including the proposal, Engineering Services Agreement, confidentiality agreements and other agreements that may exist to ensure SMT Engineering, vendors and customers fulfill their contractual obligations.
  5. Maintains technical expertise, and performs engineering design work on projects, within the scope of engineering experience.
  6. Uses product development experience to mentor and coach the team to ensure SMT Engineering delivers solutions that meet customer expectations.
  7. Creates product development project proposal, which includes statement of work, schedule, budget, engineering services agreement and assumptions and responsible for presenting proposal to customer.
  8. Participate in initial customer meetings to present SMT Engineering’s project plan and technical solution in order to win new product development business.
  9. Assist the Director of Engineering with performance appraisals by providing timely feedback regarding team member performance.
  10. Produce an acceptable amount of work in a timely manner.
  11. Perform other tasks as assigned by management.



  1. Possess a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or related field or equivalent industry experience.
  2. Possess a minimum of 5 years of experience as a lead engineer or project manager in an electronic product development.
  3. Possess a detailed understanding of SMT’s business and product development processes.
  4. Possess good project management and leadership skills.
  5. Possess good oral communication, written communication and presentation skills.
  6. Possess good conflict resolution and negotiation skills.


To apply, submit  resume to:

Steven Schiedemeyer, Director of Engineering, SMT Engineering LLC.

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