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General Information

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SMT Engineering, LLC (SMT) is a leader in the EMS industry providing  product development solutions from concept to production. Services are performed as rotating white graphic 4an extension of customer capabilities – full turnkey design programs or a-la-carte design services including software design, layout and prototypes. SMT customers retain all intellectual property (IP) and design ownership including  electronic documentation formats. SMT’s expertise includes embedded microprocessor applications with real-time operating systems, Linux, CAN bus, Wi-Fi communication, wireless sensors and graphical user interfaces.

M2M/IoT,  BeagleBone Cape, Web and Cloud services, LED lighting , Design for Manufacturing, and Express PCB’s are some of the many other contracted services.

Design Engineering

SMT Engineering provides a one-stop shop for product development with complete electronic design capabilities. SMT Services include conceptual development, product specification, electronic hardware, firmware, software design, PCB layout, mechanical design, Alpha/Beta prototyping, EMC Compliance, and production test fixture development.  To make design and development plans scale-able to the needs of different customers, SMT Engineering offers four levels of engagement.


Type A – Feasibility study, trade demos, proof of concept prototypes.  No formal design      trace-ability, no formal design reviews, no design controls, no DVT.


Type B – Limited Design services, such as PCB Design.  Customer retains overall design      responsibility and limited SMT design controls.


Type C – Standard product development program.  SMT Engineering is responsible for all      aspects of the design from spec through DVT, formal reviews and controls.


Type D – High reliability product or medical device.  SMT Engineering includes      requirements trace-ability, FMA, and hazard analysis in scope of work.



Engineering Services:



Product Development Process

  • Hardware design
  • Software design
  • Schematic capture
  • PCB layout (single or multi-layer)
  • Flex circuit design
  • Component selection and sourcing
  • Circuit simulation
  • Worst case analysis
  • Prototyping
  • EMC testing including IEC 1000-4
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Test fixtures
  • Cost reduction

NPI Process

SMT Engineering makes the introduction of new products stream-lined and cost efficient.  SMT’s proven NPI process consists of steps to guarantee customer success.


Step 1- Product Application Review


  • Does product meet electrical design intent
  • Does product meet mechanical design intent
  • Does product meet higher level assembly (HLA) design intent
  • Does product meet packaging and shipping requirements
  • Have agency approvals been assigned


Step 2 – Process Validation


  • Layout review
  • Prototype testing
  • Production test plan
  • DFX recommendation


Step 3 – Production Transition


  • Full documentation review
  • Component registration
  • Ramp to build PPAP process
  • 1st article submittals
  • Controlled production build plan
  • Continuous improvement program


NPI Process

Test Development

SMT Engineering understands the importance of test strategy and can supply or recommend a multitude of testing designs for all products. SMT Engineering utilizes the best test methodologies to analyze test coverage and cost to optimize ROI. Comprehensive manufacturing strategizes combined with extensive test design tools produce best case test platforms.  


Platform solutions include: test-engineering


  • ICT Test
  • Functional Test
  • Boundary Scan
  • SMART Test
  • Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT)



SMT Engineering offers its proprietary testing method called “SMART Platform“. This option allows extra flexibility and cost efficiency. SMART Platform combines off the shelf components with custom software to save on time and cost, vital for lower volume customers. 

Design Partners

SMT Engineering offers high quality design through multiple partnerships held with industry leading companies. These partnerships with peripheral technology experts allow SMT to have extremely high quality designs.  The design partnerships at SMT, developed through years of quality work include the organizations below.


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